The importance and function of transformer oil pillow

June 19, 2024

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As an important part of the transformer, the transformer oil conservator plays a key role in the operation of the transformer. The following are some of the importance and functions of transformer oil pillows:


Insulation effect: The transformer oil in the oil pillow has good insulation properties and can effectively isolate the high-voltage part and low-voltage part of the transformer to ensure the safe operation of the power system.

Cooling effect: Transformer oil can absorb and dissipate the heat generated during the operation of the transformer, helping to maintain the normal temperature range of the transformer and prevent equipment damage caused by overheating.

Maintain stable oil quality: The oil pillow provides a sealed environment for the transformer oil, which can delay the oxidation and aging process of the transformer oil and extend the service life of the oil.

Support and fix internal components: The oil pillow not only contains the transformer oil, but also provides support and fixation for the internal structure of the transformer to ensure the stable operation of the transformer.

Isolate moisture: Transformer oil can effectively isolate moisture, reduce the risk of corrosion of internal components of the transformer, and extend the service life of the equipment.


Reduce vibration and noise: The oil pillow can absorb and reduce vibration and noise during the operation of the transformer, improving the quality of the working environment of the equipment.


The goal and purpose of research


With the development of the electric power industry and people's increasing requirements for the safety and reliability of power equipment, research on the design and performance of transformer oil conservators has important practical significance. Specifically, this study aims to:

Deeply understand the working principle and performance of the oil pillow: By studying the design and performance of the oil pillow, we can gain a deeper understanding of its working mechanism and provide theoretical support for optimal design. 

improve the operating efficiency and stability of the transformer: Optimizing the design of the oil pillow can improve the heat dissipation performance and insulation performance of the transformer, thereby improving its operating efficiency and stability. 

Extend the service life of the transformer: By improving the design of the oil pillow, the oxidation rate of the transformer oil can be delayed, reducing the need for equipment maintenance, thereby extending the service life of the transformer.

Promote the green development of power equipment: Optimizing the oil pillow design can reduce the energy consumption of the transformer, which is in line with the green and low-carbon development trend.

 Provide practical application guidance: The research results can provide specific guidance and suggestions for transformer manufacturing and maintenance, helping engineers better carry out equipment selection, maintenance and transformation.

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