What is Switchgear

June 19, 2024
Switchgear is an electrical equipment that is mainly used to open and close, control and protect electrical equipment during the process of power generation, transmission, distribution and power conversion in the power system. The external lines of the switch cabinet first enter the main control switch in the cabinet, and then enter the sub-control switches. Each branch is set as needed. The internal components of the switch cabinet mainly include circuit breakers, isolating switches, load switches, operating mechanisms, transformers, and various protection devices.
There are various classification methods for switch cabinets. For example, according to the circuit breaker installation method, it can be divided into removable switch cabinets and fixed switch cabinets; according to the different cabinet structures, it can be divided into open switch cabinets, metal-enclosed switch cabinets, Metal-enclosed armored switchgear; according to different voltage levels, it can be divided into high-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear and low-voltage switchgear.
Switchgear is widely used in various occasions such as power plants, substations, petrochemical industry, metallurgical steel rolling, light industry and textile, factories and mines, residential areas, high-rise buildings, etc. Its main function is to ensure the stable operation of the power system and the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment.
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